Bracelet Oval Bead Made With Millefiori Glass


Shine out from the crowd with this bright floral bracelet. The skillful manufacture in Millefiori glass is every bit as complex as it looks. A beautiful flower bracelet which will add a flourish to your look.

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This beautiful bracelet was made using a glass working technique known as ‘millefiori’ from the Italian ‘mille‘ – thousand and ‘fiori’ -flowers. It involves making a design with pieces of glass and then heating and drawing (pulling) the assembled design to make ‘canes’ which carry the design along the entire length. The canes are then cut into short lengths and the pieces are used to create colourful and unique jewellery or items such as vases and paperweights. The technique was most famously developed and exploited by the glass workers on the island of Murano near Venice and at one time millefiori beads, known as trade beads, were used as a currency.


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