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Japan inspired jewellery and accessories for Spring

cherry blossom and japanese fans
Japan inspired jewellery and accessories

Japan inspired jewellery and accessories seem a fitting choice as we come into spring and the cherry trees burst into flower in glorious shades of pink and white. Celebrate the cherry blossom or ‘Sakura’ season in style with delightful Japan inspired earrings. Delicate voile petals are suspended on a single fine silver stem, weighted only by a small pale stone bead so they gently move with each turn or nod of the head. Elegant fan drops feature pretty Oriental prints in a choice of three designs with co-ordinating polished stone beads.

Charming kimono drops are as unusual as they are pretty in colourful enamel and gilded metal. Classic ‘Flying Crane’ earrings are also made using the same enamel technique, which allows a high degree of fine work resulting in complex and elaborate patterns. The sweetest bird stud earring comes in a choice of pretty colour combinations and ‘Geisha’ fan is a popular stud earring which is also offered in many lovely shades. Another interesting craft method is harnessed to create beautiful little shell and silver stud flower earrings. Pearl daisy, blossom and flower are exquisitely carved from mother-of-pearl in tiny detail.

Japan inspired scarves and kerchiefs feature delicate cherry and almond blossom, birds and butterflies. ‘Oriental blossom’ is a timeless design in aqua, pale blue or blush pink covered in the lovely petals and buds so associated with spring in Japan. A more graphic blossom print is evident on our bright kerchiefs. ‘Bamboo sumi-e’ shows an evocative design of bamboo leaves blowing in the breeze and is available in a choice of four colours.

One of our most popular socks and a Joe Cool firm favourite is ‘Almond blossom’. This is a lovely blue sock with a floral blossom design. The imagery comes from the famous painting by the great Dutch master, Vincent Van Gogh. Several other sock designs draw inspiration from classic Japanese imagery. ‘Floating butterfly’ and ‘Koi carp’ are patterns which mimic the fine lines of traditional woodblock prints while ‘Antique butterfly’ has more romantic feel. Enjoy a poetic Spring with all things Japanese!

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