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Dog lovers delight! Top dog jewellery and accessories

top dogs
dog lovers delight!

Dog lovers across the world have been enjoying more time with their ‘best friends’. Here at Joe Cool we are no exception as we enlist Ruff, the company dog to assist us in selecting our favourite dog items. Doggie socks are right up there featuring all the great breeds and the occasional mongrel! Short ankle socks include a Beagle, Schnauzer, Pug, Husky and, for the Royalists among you, a Corgi in a choice of two designs. The Bull Terrier is the friendliest fellow we’ve ever seen and spotty dogs in blue or brown are truly adorable. Along with a ‘toe pup’ in mint, these dotty socks are available as a classic length ankle sock.

For something a little more delicate, what could be more perfect than a little Poodle stud earring in a choice of silver, gold or rose gold finish, complete with a tiny crystal collar detail. We also offer a delightful Dachshund and fine French Bulldog in the same style. An enamel Scottie dog in black also features a crystal collar, there is a choice of small or tiny! Tuning to the current mismatch pair trend, there are two versions of ‘dog and bone’ earring.

If you have more of a thing for rings, we have the ideal ‘Companion’, a charming canine! Two versions, one gold, one black are difficult to choose between. For an arty vibe, how about a cool balloon animal poodle ring in metallic shocking pink, bright blue and pearly white. This also comes as a tiny stud earring in the same fabulous colours and as a drop earring in metal.

A brooch always makes a terrific statement piece and the super graphic pearlised poodles will do that with style. Choose a classic poodle or again, the arty balloon poodle so beloved of dog-lovers and art-lovers alike. Last, but definitely not least, is the sweetest, cuddliest brooch of the lot. Our felt clutch pin in pink, grey, red and brown is truly the most perfect pooch!

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