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Japan inspired jewellery and accessories for Spring

cherry blossom and japanese fans
Japan inspired jewellery and accessories

Japan inspired jewellery and accessories seem a fitting choice as we come into spring and the cherry trees burst into flower in glorious shades of pink and white. Celebrate the cherry blossom or ‘Sakura’ season in style with delightful Japan inspired earrings. Delicate voile petals are suspended on a single fine silver stem, weighted only by a small pale stone bead so they gently move with each turn or nod of the head. Elegant fan drops feature pretty Oriental prints in a choice of three designs with co-ordinating polished stone beads.

Charming kimono drops are as unusual as they are pretty in colourful enamel and gilded metal. Classic ‘Flying Crane’ earrings are also made using the same enamel technique, which allows a high degree of fine work resulting in complex and elaborate patterns. The sweetest bird stud earring comes in a choice of pretty colour combinations and ‘Geisha’ fan is a popular stud earring which is also offered in many lovely shades. Another interesting craft method is harnessed to create beautiful little shell and silver stud flower earrings. Pearl daisy, blossom and flower are exquisitely carved from mother-of-pearl in tiny detail.

Japan inspired scarves and kerchiefs feature delicate cherry and almond blossom, birds and butterflies. ‘Oriental blossom’ is a timeless design in aqua, pale blue or blush pink covered in the lovely petals and buds so associated with spring in Japan. A more graphic blossom print is evident on our bright kerchiefs. ‘Bamboo sumi-e’ shows an evocative design of bamboo leaves blowing in the breeze and is available in a choice of four colours.

One of our most popular socks and a Joe Cool firm favourite is ‘Almond blossom’. This is a lovely blue sock with a floral blossom design. The imagery comes from the famous painting by the great Dutch master, Vincent Van Gogh. Several other sock designs draw inspiration from classic Japanese imagery. ‘Floating butterfly’ and ‘Koi carp’ are patterns which mimic the fine lines of traditional woodblock prints while ‘Antique butterfly’ has more romantic feel. Enjoy a poetic Spring with all things Japanese!

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Retro games and vintage vibes

retro games

Retro games and imagery offer a refreshing alternative to the slick perfection of contemporary digital graphics. Just arrived in stock are our new mens Tetris design socks in dark brown or black. The colourful blocks, whether you were a player or not, make a striking and stylish statement for work or play! Like an old friend, ‘Arcade ghost’, a much ‘loved’ gaming character, is instantly recognisable, on socks for men and women. This retro favourite comes in burgundy, navy, teal and black form the original selection for blokes and are now joined by a pale pink and grey version in the slightly smaller womens’ size.

Retro comes to jewellery too with space invader stud earrings in silver and gold finish and a choice of enamel colours. Arcade pacman and ghost are another fun stud – a ‘mismatched’ pair featuring those two famous characters and we have a set of four Tetris design earrings for you to mix and match as the mood takes you. The Rubik’s cube was a hugely popular puzzle in the 1970’s and ’80’s. Invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and architect, Erno Rubik, the Rubik’s Cube is a colourful 3-D combination puzzle. We have created a cool pendant, which comes complete with moving parts on a colourful ball chain. Mini Rubik’s Cube drop earrings complete the story.

The ‘white noise’ T.V. keyring harks back to a time before flat-screens and digital media. Our ‘chunky’ telly even has a noise function to take you back to that retro ‘white noise’ of former times…That is if you are old enough to remember! Pre-mobile phone cameras come as crystal and enamel rings, stud and drop earrings and pendants in black and white. Even more ‘old school’ is a ‘flashbulb’ camera pendant with a round glass lense in chrome or brass.

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Rabbits make a perfect accessory to bring joy for Spring!

rabbits and flowers

Rabbits or bunnies are real harbingers of Spring and Easter. This year, why not celebrate the season with some interesting accessories. Rabbits and hares are delightful and enigmatic creatures. It is no surprise that they have played numerous roles in countless stories, movies and nursery rhythms. From books such as Beatrix Potter’s 19th century classic, ‘Peter Rabbit’ , ‘The Velveteen rabbit’ and the white rabbit in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to the irresistible Roger Rabbit in the movie, ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit’ or Thumper who stars in the beloved Disney film, ‘Bambi’, this animal has a distinguished history in literature and film. There is an equally diverse range of rabbit characters here at Joe Cool. The enamel pin brooch sets featured are straight out of a story book while ‘carrot bunny’ earrings make an unusual ‘mismatched’ pair. A tiny enamel stud earring in a choice of black, white, grey or pink is the most perfect encapsulation. In contrast, a large grey flocked rabbit with its embroidered detail and twinkly red eye makes a striking statement piece. Pink rabbit with scarf is yet another take in padded textile.

Rabbits of many different persuasions adorn our current most popular accessory – socks! ‘Rabbit warren’ is a lovely tree green sock with a sedate sitting white rabbit design, ‘sunshine bunnies’ is a more crazy design on bright yellow and ‘animal treats’ is a happy cartoon bunny with carrot pattern. There are rabbit socks with stripes or hearts and a cute ‘sheer’ bunny sock in pink.

More spring things, rabbits and hares included, can be found throughout the collections. Ducks are always an Easter favourite and new socks in mauve are peppered with these delightful water birds. ‘Quackers’ is the name of a delightful duck sock and Rubber duck is a charming watery scene.

Finally, kerchiefs…rabbits again!

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Hair-wear to make every day a happy hair day!


Hair wear in all its many fabulous forms, makes a great accessory for all seasons. We have some really fun and interesting hair wear to liven up your locks! Stunning cellulose combs come in five great designs; psychedelic dream featured, pearl pink haze, bold monomix, jungle beat and colour explosion. Crazy colour-ways which, as their names suggest, strike an eye-catching note! Team with some cellulose square earrings or long hoops for a full on arty vibe.

For some fruity fun and hair-wear that looks good enough to eat, there is a super strawberry pony band and cheery cotton cherry pom-poms. Go all out rainbow with a sweetie resin barrette and some equally delicious drop earrings to match or perhaps a colourful pencil hair-clip. A ‘spearmint gum’ offering is a hilarious ‘foodie’ option which makes an entertaining hair-piece! Search the website for lots more quirky and original pieces.

Tartan comes up trumps with hair-wear that includes a great selection in classic ‘Stewart’ tartan. All the popular styles are available in this striking red pattern.

Flowers worn in the hair are beautiful and feminine – we have several blooms to brighten up your barnet! Silk posies which double as a corsage, satin roses in red, pink and white and sunny sunflowers, hand-knitted in yellow and green wool. Butterflies are also a pretty way to dress up your tresses and our realistic hair-clip comes in three lovely colours.

Add a bit of sparkle with some glamorous crystal, detailed metalwork in shiny silver, matt black and white. Barrettes and clips that glint with every movement bring your hair to life. Make every day a happy hair day!

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Glass jewellery – timeless beauty

Glass jewellery is timeless, and infinitely versatile. A wonderful material that has been used as adornment since pre-Roman times, glass is both glamorous and practical. Whether created in a traditional style or given a contemporary twist, glass can take many forms in the world of fashion jewellery. Older production methods, such as the manufacture of faceted cut crystal components, mimic precious gemstones and jewels – the most well known, of course, being the sparkly crystal imitation of diamonds. The ancient Italian technique of ‘millefiori’ (translated literally as ‘thousands of flowers’) was developed originally in Murano, Italy…a place famous for its unique and beautiful glassware styles. Millefiori is an effect where delicate , small ‘floral’ patterns, usually in many colours, are embedded within the body of the glass. The technique works particularily well in the production of jewellery and here at Joe Cool we have many beautiful examples of millefiori earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Simple glass jewellery has its own charm and for hundreds of years drilled beads and pendants or tiny beads woven into elaborate patterns have been crafted across the world. Have a look at our huge variety of traditional and contemporary glass jewellery styles.

Glass rings have been a staple of the Joe Cool range for many years, and we have a large variety of styles from which to choose. Every ring is handmade so each and every beautiful design is unique. The millefiori style domed rings featured, come in a choice of six beautiful colours and numerous designs incorporating gold and silver as well as a range of vivid colours. ‘Glass lined domed’ are wonderful swirls of lustre colours and ‘high spot’ is a striking design of irregular black spots on pure hued base.

For an airy summer feel look at ‘lagoon blue’ and ‘deep ocean colour’ – both in a range of wonderful speckled, striped and swirling styles. Inspired by Mediterranean seas and tropical skies every one is a stunning reminder of beautiful ocean colours.

Vibrant arty designs are available in a profusion of incredible stripes, spots, squiggles, splashes or just simple gorgeous self-coloured glass! Choose unique glass jewellery styles from across every imaginable colour and design. Glass with class!

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Fox socks and fabulous foxy friends!

Fox socks, what could be better than a fabulous Mr Fox (other than a Mrs Fox) for your feet this Spring? We have a wonderful selection of fox figures for you to choose from. Friendly fox faces in numerous guises adorn cuffs and toes of stripey, paw-print or polka designs. A ‘stitch’ style is an interesting option and yet another take on this iconic animal. Fox socks also come with an all over ‘wall-paper’ design. A classic fox in naturalistic russet on a toned warm brown is a lovely offering or try the more cheeky character who stands out on a rich country green.

The foxy theme doesn’t end with our fun foxy foot-wear. Foxes are re-created in many forms in the jewellery collection. See the featured exquisite crystal stud earrings in beautiful jewel colours and enamel studs with a tiny crystal embellishment, there’s also a simple enamel stud earring in a choice of many colours.

Brooches include a felt face complete with beady black eyes and the eclectic ‘Freddy fox & Fanfare Rabbit’. For a more arty feel we have stylish acrylic fox brooches in various hues. Check out our origami fox pendant — available in matt silver or gold, who would have thought there could be so many ways to wear a fox!

A carved painted wooden fox pen is an unusual item in the spirit of this wonderful creature, it is surely a ‘must have’ for any fox fan or a great gift for the person ‘who has everything’! The very latest design here at Joe Cool takes us back again to our fox socks theme and is a great way to introduce our new sock designs which have just arrived in stock – take a look!

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Egg centric! quirky accessories for crazy times

Egg accessories are fun, quirky and cool. What is not to love about fried egg ankle socks? These sunny blobs on an upbeat sky blue base are pure joy. A striking pattern of that classic breakfast staple with ruddy red bacon rashers against navy makes an excellent graphic on the regular ankle sock – so its eggs all round in the sock department. Our fried egg ring makes a hilarious addition to the interesting jewellery and accessories in our collection. Tiny, delicate mis-matched stud earrings on the same theme are both pretty and eye-catching in the most tasteful way.

A more neutral effect is created with our antique gold and silver effect drop earrings and pendants – unusual and pretty at the same time! More food for thought is ‘peppered’ through the entire Joe Cool collection. From indulgent sweets, cakes and pastries through fun fruit to spicy chilli peppers and appealing avocados, there is a feast. The added bonus of course being everything is zero calorie! Liquorice allsorts are always a favourite with a range of products to choose from.

While not exactly egg related, our iced donut key-rings and earrings and ‘stress-ball’ macaron, in the real world would have, as every foodie knows, seen an egg or two in the making. The super squishy macaron doubles as a useful keyring and the iced donuts look good enough to eat. More sweet treats come in the form of gummy bear jewellery, smartie (or m&m) necklace and bracelets and various ices to delight.

Go bananas with, well…bananas! Stud and drop earrings and key-ring ‘stress balls’ or silicon zip coin-purse are some of the ‘tasty’ accessories available. For more tropical flavours how about pineapple earrings or mixed fruit sticker sets? Transport yourself to the heat of Mexico with our collection of chillis!

All tastes !

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Dog lovers delight! Top dog jewellery and accessories

top dogs
dog lovers delight!

Dog lovers across the world have been enjoying more time with their ‘best friends’. Here at Joe Cool we are no exception as we enlist Ruff, the company dog to assist us in selecting our favourite dog items. Doggie socks are right up there featuring all the great breeds and the occasional mongrel! Short ankle socks include a Beagle, Schnauzer, Pug, Husky and, for the Royalists among you, a Corgi in a choice of two designs. The Bull Terrier is the friendliest fellow we’ve ever seen and spotty dogs in blue or brown are truly adorable. Along with a ‘toe pup’ in mint, these dotty socks are available as a classic length ankle sock.

For something a little more delicate, what could be more perfect than a little Poodle stud earring in a choice of silver, gold or rose gold finish, complete with a tiny crystal collar detail. We also offer a delightful Dachshund and fine French Bulldog in the same style. An enamel Scottie dog in black also features a crystal collar, there is a choice of small or tiny! Tuning to the current mismatch pair trend, there are two versions of ‘dog and bone’ earring.

If you have more of a thing for rings, we have the ideal ‘Companion’, a charming canine! Two versions, one gold, one black are difficult to choose between. For an arty vibe, how about a cool balloon animal poodle ring in metallic shocking pink, bright blue and pearly white. This also comes as a tiny stud earring in the same fabulous colours and as a drop earring in metal.

A brooch always makes a terrific statement piece and the super graphic pearlised poodles will do that with style. Choose a classic poodle or again, the arty balloon poodle so beloved of dog-lovers and art-lovers alike. Last, but definitely not least, is the sweetest, cuddliest brooch of the lot. Our felt clutch pin in pink, grey, red and brown is truly the most perfect pooch!

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Halloween! Bewitching styles to enchant and charm

Halloween is days away, you know the words – Hubble, bubble, toil…but no trouble! Joe Shop is the perfect place to load up on some darkly cool jewellery and accessories. Check out our bewitching designs for a weird and wonderful Halloween weekend. Choose from a magical selection ranging from dreamy crystals and glimmering natural rock rings to goth-chic and e-girl classics. Glam mystique styles will cast their spell and entrance wearer and beholder alike. For the stylish ‘witch-in-waiting’ we have a feast of tricks and treats with skulls, chains and galaxy pendants to enchant! Crystal, star-stone, moon-glass and ice rock provides mineral magic for all time.

Rock and roll mineral rings will have you rolling in the compliments, not turning in the grave. Halloween has never been so chic with agate nuggets, Luna minerals, moody obsidian and even quartz bottles in which to keep those ‘magic potions’. Get spooky, get sparkly, get stylish – you’ll look scarily good! Glam up and Goth up and watch the magic happen.

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Touch screen gloves – the best adult and kids styles

Touch screen gloves are coming into stock with a fantastic new collection of fun finger-puppet features and cute animal cuffs! Fabulously fluffy and soft, this new range will keep your fingers toasty all the time. Importantly, there’s no need to take them off when making that vital call or surfing your media. Bunnies, cats and bears are simply irresistible – the beady eyed bear and kitty cuff glove will warm not only your fingers, but your heart too, while fluffy bunny with its cheeky ears is guaranteed to make you smile! All come in a choice of beautiful soft lilacs, pinks, blues and greys – with pretty contrasting fingertips and faux angora detail…touch-screen gloves that manage to be both cute and cool.

Adorable ‘Fuzzy finger puppet’ will make you feel fuzzy inside with the friendliest middle finger ever – a striped chap with crazy eyes and ears that will provide endless entertainment! ‘Woodland puppet’ featuring sweet rabbit and bear characters, come in the softest of knits – one of our favourites. The very latest addition to the collection however, will really make you ‘paws’ for thought; neither glove nor mitten, our fingerless ‘bear paw’ is a wonder – a furry hand-warmer in a choice of three animal shades complete with velvety pink or grey pads… fast becoming a best seller and yes, it could also be called a touch-screen glove!

There are plenty of super styles for children with lots of animals, colour, stripes and snowflakes. For 4 – 8 year old kids, ‘bobble rudolph’ is a popular option, a fur cuffed mitten with a cheery reindeer complete with bobble nose to make tiny hands very happy. Scandi deer for age 0-3, is popular with boys and girls in a choice of grey, black and bright pink. Who can resist a pretty pussy cat? Choose the ‘meow’ glove, with embroidered cat face detail or ‘kitty mitten’, a charming mitt in a choice of four colours, with the cutest pussy cat face and ears.

‘Bobble finger’ is a friendly glove for 3 – 8 years olds, with its bobble hatted fourth finger guaranteeing hours of distraction. In pale and bright pink, blue, red and black, there’s a choice for all the younger members of the family! Bright stripes offer an alternative to the various creature comforters. A nice selection, some featuring snowflakes, is available from infant to junior.

For those who like a bit of a vintage feel, touch-screen gloves with a flower detail cuff and delightful floral sprigged gloves make the perfect offering. Those lovely ‘vintagey’ muted hues of lilac, smoky blue/grey and dusty pink are on show again with contrasting fingertips, edging and cuff. Scandi deer is a classic and we have a wonderful pearl embellished mitten with faux fur cuff – choose from seven fabulous colourways.