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Face masks – FFP2 and pretty cotton washable masks

Face masks are now available to buy from our Joe Cool online shop. Buy a box of 50 disposable masks, useful to carry a few with you at all times! Of course it is also good to have some handy for friends or family who are ‘caught short’. If you treat these masks with care, they will last for several uses. A handy tip is to treat your masks like underwear; do not touch or adjust ( especially in public ), do not borrow or lend, make sure its clean ( daily or as needed ), wear the right side out, if there are holes in it, its stained or damp – throw out!

|We also have a small collection of attractive washable cotton face masks. Choose classic plain colours in a choice of navy blue, burgundy and black or go for something a bit more eye-catching. There are ‘kawai’ styled indigo on linen in a Japanese circles pattern or rope design. Pretty gilded kimono prints are available in fuchsia pink, vibrant turquoise or bright red. ‘Kimono patchwork’ is a classic combination of geometric and floral imagery making a striking and unusual face mask.

Look out for lots of other exciting designs, some already in stock! From polka dots to camouflage, monotone to psychedelic, you’ll find a mask for every possible occasion. This season’s ‘must have’ accessory to help protect you and others around you doesn’t need to be boring! Stay safe from all of us here at Joe Cool.

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Surprise scarf offer – Bag a sensational scarf bundle!

Surprise scarf offer – Bag a sensational scarf bundle!

Surprise scarf offer… three fabulous scarves for £9.95! Scarves are the perfect accessory for the days and months ahead of us in 2020 and beyond. As restrictions start to ease, it will be a relief to get out and about and a colourful printed scarf is an attractive way to provide a quick mouth and nose covering in public spaces and places. We have an exciting package to really get you in the mood! Here at the Joe Cool online shop, our super offer will provide you with a stunning selection. The surprise package is our pick of scarves from the fantastic range of Joe Cool designs. When you order a ‘bundle’, three completely different beautiful scarves will be delivered by return. The surprise package only costs £9.95, a massive saving on the normal retail prices and better still, carriage is absolutely free. The featured designs and the items shown below are typical examples of the styles you’ll receive. Simply order code reference 63191 to receive your surprise scarf pack and if you order more than one pack we will make sure the designs are all different so you can wear a different style on every day of the week!

Everyone loves a surprise…what will be in your package?

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Rainbow socks will give you a kick!

Rainbow socks will give you a kick!

Rainbow socks in a fabulous choice of stripes and sizes can’t fail to brighten your day! Enjoy wearing a rainbow – symbol of hope, peace and inclusivity – with our glorious colourful socks or cheer up a friend with a gift of this inexpensive, simple expression of positivity in these difficult times. Choose Joe Cool socks with classic horizontal stripes, narrow bands on black or spaced against white. We have a fab black sock topped with a stunning rainbow band, plain grey or black with a sweet rainbow flower face or sheer socks featuring vertical bands.

With summer around the corner it is always good to have some ankle or trainer socks to hand and we have a choice of three cute rainbow styles.

Rainbow colours also feature on tasteful polka dot socks in mustard yellow, burgundy red and navy blue. ‘Spotty’, is a lovely jumble of large polka dots on grey with bright contrasting toe, ankle and top.

Of course we have loads of other colourful designs to choose from. Strong themes this season include bright florals, art, food, opticals and all sorts of wonderful wildlife and amazing animals! Who can resist such delights as Lemon grove, California poppies, Papaya or Exotic orchid? Or tasty Avocado, Strawberry print and Daisy!

Joe Cool has long been the home of quirky and cool accessories. Our large selection of unusual, fun and eclectic socks are no exception. With our collection, socks have become so much more than a simple fabric foot-covering. A sock can make a statement, show an allegiance, be an expression of personality or just give everyone a much needed laugh! You decide what message the following designs are giving.

Animals and all creatures great and small have also long been an important feature of our collections. Naturally, therefore, our sock range includes wildlife of all varieties. Charming cats, dogs, bears, pandas and piglets adorn regular and ankle socks.

Less domestic are Llamas, lobsters, flamingos and fish. Wilder still are fairy tale creatures and monster face and finally a unicorn to transport us. Enjoy some fun and fantasy through our frivolous footwear!

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Colourful Mexican inspired jewellery & accessories

Colourful Mexican inspired jewellery & accessories

Mexico, evokes images of cacti, sombreros and tequila. Its also a country whose culture is rich in stunning colour and gorgeous geometric design. Here at Joe Cool, we have a fabulous range of jewellery and accessories celebrating all things Mexican. In the Mexicana collection you will find everything from beautiful bead-work, to fringes and feathers. On the one hand there are hand-painted parrots, day of the dead earrings, and vivid iron-on patches; and on the other, exotic flora for the hair and riotous fiesta fare!

For more light-hearted fun, the Mexicana collection is host to some of the best cacti jewellery around. There are wonderful enamel cactus stud earrings, and drop earrings in the form of that most Mexican of fruit – the avocado. We also have a couple of fun wallets featuring the cactus plant. For those seeking something of the theme with a little more subtlety, check out the graphic pendant and matching stud earrings in matt silver and gold finish.

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Blue and white accessories & jewellery

Blue and white accessories & jewellery

Classic China cotton-flower design and hand-painted Delft style beads are reminiscent of bygone days. Memories of balmy afternoons sipping tea from bone china cups are evoked with these ceramic bead delights which feature in the Gallery collection. In the Tea Garden selection are blue and white single and double drop earrings, with a choice of matching bracelets and necklaces. Taking the tea reference quite literally, are the charming little rose sprigged cup and saucer drops. They will most definitely raise a smile. We have our popular blue and white compact mirror in four beautiful floral designs. This will make a great addition to your blue and white accessories range.

We have more refreshing blue and white accessories below. Key items for your collection. Stripes and spots in denim and sky hues feature on an exciting range of hair-wear. Find wired ribbon head wraps, bow barrettes, cotton scrunchies and mini hair-clips in wonderful true blues. Sit them alongside our pretty glass rings, gingham & check patterns, for a real retro summer feel .

For a more sumptuous look keep your eye out for richly stitched blue and white accessories, which extend to our range of exotic flower embroidered bags, purses and wallets.

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Valentines – treat someone special

Valentines - treat someone special

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Why not make a small gesture to the one you love, or even treat yourself, from our featured selection below. Our new lines include elegant wire forms and colourful enamel heart studs. These pair nicely with our bold motif heart socks. A pop of colour to brighten your Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are another firm favourite to show your love. We love the detail in our hand carved Mother of Pearl studs which gently catch the light. As we all know, the red rose is the favourite flower of Venus, the goddess of love. We have several featured items with roses. These include a funky iron on patch set, Sterling silver drops & a hairband with delicate fabric rose petals.

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Leaves and trees – Autumnal fashion

Leaves and trees provide wonderful inspiration for fashion jewellery and accessories. The time has come when the trees start shedding their leaves but lets not be downhearted. Our gold and silver effect leaves will bring pleasure all year round. A ‘realistic leaf’ drop earring comes as an assortment of three designs in matt silver and gold. The ‘delicate leaf’ earring is available in a pack of three metal finishes – shiny rose gold, silver or gun metal. This fine earring mimics the delicate skeleton a fallen leaf. We also supply a pretty matching pendant. See these lovely leaves in the Flora and Fauna collection.

In the same collection more plant life is to be found in the acorn and leaf ring and stud earrings. A charming enamelled oak leaf and rich ruby crystal acorn make the basis of this unusual design. The bird ring in both gold and silver is another delicate piece whose shank is created in the form of a twig or thin branch.

Leaves and trees are a strong component of several other wonderful jewellery items, such as the ‘Tree of life’ range. We have the full compliment of pendants, drop and stud earrings, compact mirror and even a tree of life adorned pillbox. Glass domes or spheres magnify the rich colours of this popular design.

In the Gallery collection one of our favourite items is the ‘shadow print tree’ scarf. The fragile sculptural outlines of skeletal winter trees are silhouetted against pale blue, pink, brown and grey tones. Find a more contemporary approach to plant imagery in the stitched graphic coin purse – leaves and trees in modern formation.

More leaves and trees appear, surprisingly, in the Black Star collection. See the striking ‘Y’ crystal and black mesh leaf and flower necklace. The wooden leaf drop and stud earrings are from the Scene collection, using light weight natural materials in the main element of the earring.

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Charmed – Traditional Charm Bracelets

Let us charm you with these classic Joe Cool bracelets. Whilst not actually traditional bracelets with charms per se, these bracelets are a take on the concept which captures the ‘charm’ feel perfectly, and can be a heart-warming gift or the perfect accessory to complete your charmed outfit.

Our warm-hearted selection are romantic and Bohemian, a great gift for a friend, lover or daughter. They evoke the lively spirit of a gypsy queen dancing the night away. A present full of passion and joy, they can be a little reminder of great times on your wrist. They will be adored by young and old.

These charm style bracelets come in a gorgeous gold colour as well as silver, so you will be sure to sparkle. We have leafy charm style bracelets for plant lovers, hearts for young lovers, feathers, sunflowers and puppy dogs. You are sure to find a charm style bracelet you love! Who wouldn’t?

Here are some suggested drop earrings to pair with your charming bracelets. A selection of flowers, hearts and butterflies in silver fretwork designs. These light, delicate drops catch the light and perfectly compliment our charm style bracelets.

If you’re not into charmed into these bracelets, check out our full range on our website. We can guarantee there will be an item you fall in love with, you will be charmed for sure!

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Rave on! Festival Season Accessories.

Festival season may be over but the party never stops at Joe Cool! We love bright colours, so UV light sensitive bright neons are a must for us. These dummies are a classic Joe Cool component from the nineties that we have updated and given a cool twist. We have added some chunky ‘in your face’ blue aluminium chains to our big bright dummies, these pendant necklaces are sure to make you stand out in the night club. Get you rave on!

Or bright hoopy socks are also a guaranteed raving number one hit. Your feet will glow bright under the disco lights in these socks, and your walk home will be high visibility also! The hoops on your socks can be adjusted to flair out or stay close to your ankle, making this one of the most fun and versatile socks going.

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Wood jewellery & accessories – perfect ply

Wood jewellery and accessories are the natural choice for summer and autumn this year. Our plywood earring are perfectly pretty and… pretty perfect for lovers of nature, wood and fashion. The sweetest hedgehog studs sit nicely along with little leaf drop and stud earrings.

Plywood key-rings are both witty and ingenious. Four different modes of transport in laser cut wood are three dimensional with moving parts yet are also robust enough to be practical. The spinning propellers and wheels are fun to fiddle and the bicycle, scooter, helicopter and plane make a great quartet.

A delicate lacy etched fan is a new direction in our accessories collections. With heatwaves in Europe becoming the norm, this is proving a very popular addition to our range. Find wood jewellery & accessories it in the Scene collection, along with other lovely wood products such as the unusual wood slice oval stud earring…a mini slice of tree which is delightful in its simplicity.

The Oceanic collection is home to wood with a very different feel. Beautiful dark wooden rings , choker, bangle and hair pin have been fashioned by hand to create elegant contemporary statement pieces. Bold yet at the same time understated, each of these these sensuous items is unique. These are accessories which can be dressed up or down and work equally well with bright colours as with neutral tones. It’s all about versatility!

In the same collection you can find a selection of ‘art deco’ inspired inlaid wooden drop earrings. Six striking and distinct designs in their combination of tones will definitely catch your eye. A range of complimentary hairpins offer an alternative accessory option.