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Vintage floral – romantic flower accessories

Vintage floral jewellery and accessories have a nostalgic vibe as we move into the Autumn months of the year. Check out our beautiful handmade brooches, rings and earrings. Real flowers are pressed then carefully encased in an epoxy clear resin with tiny beads and sparkles. These romantic accessories draw on ideas dating from an earlier era. Classic Viola, and other traditional delicate sprigs hark back to Victorian and even Elizabethan times whilst remaining utterly timeless.

The same technique is used to produce gorgeous ‘vintage floral’ cat brooches. Walking cat,sitting cat,stretching cat and playful cat are a delightful little collection for you to choose from, again with delicate, pretty blossom encased in clear resin. All are handmade making each brooch absolutely unique.

One of the hottest accessories around right now is ( yes, you’ve guessed it!) the face mask. We have an ever growing selection of washable masks to team with your fashion outfits. One of the latest new introductions is the lovely vintage floral mask featured. This mask like all our range is made from 100% cotton and lined in fine white. The design of Roses, Peonies and Hydrangea on a black background has a classic vintage floral feel. With matching black adjustable elastics it is a classy choice for everyday or special occasion. other new vintage floral designs include the pretty soft yellow ‘soft blossom’. Pink and lilac sprigs of apple blossom against a gentle yellow with lilac elastic makes for the most charming of floral designs. A second blossom option is set on a deep blue ground making a lovely contrast.

More fabulous flowers can be found throughout the mask collection. A strong Japanese theme is evident in ‘Kimono patch’, now available in three beautiful colour choices. There is also ‘gilded kimono print’, a pretty floral option in a range of colour options and also, ‘Indigo Japanese knot’ and ‘discs’, and ‘waves’- popular choices for men and women alike. So if you want floral, or Japanese nature themes then look no further.

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New face masks in stock now – beautiful batik prints.

New face masks in beautiful floral batik prints are now in stock

New face masks in beautiful floral batik prints are now in stock. Our re-usable face mask range is growing along with the the collection’s popularity. All florals are proving to be a very popular choice and this latest design is no exception.. This new batik print selection comes in five colourways, each with a matching pouch to keep your mask clean and fresh when not in use. The pouch is the perfect and pretty solution to the dilemma of what to do with your mask when its not in use. After all, who wants their face mask knocking around inside their handbag or lying on the table when eating out or in the office. These new face masks are made from beautiful Indonesian traditional sarong fabrics and each mask is absolutely unique due to the variety of pattern and design within any section of cloth. Colourways include ‘red tones’ in shades from bright orange to scarlet and ‘pink tones’, a mix of rich burgundies and pinks. Green tones range through deep bottle green, rich emerald and mint hues and the ‘purple’ choice is a stunning deep amethyst and classic royal purple colour. ‘Blue tones’ are a beautiful mix of inky navy and vibrant bright blue. With a more local theme we have a delightful new face mask to cater for patriotic Scots, tartan fans or perhaps those with a leaning towards the retro punk vibe of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen classic designs!

New face masks featuring other interesting floral designs include ‘vintage rose’ – a lovely design which evokes the relaxing garden parties and afternoon teas of gentler paced period in time. More ‘modern’ perhaps is ‘lazy daisy’, this is a bright Summery print of white daisies which jump out on their black background. ‘Paint splash flower’ is a vibrant arty pink and red design and ‘Snow flower’ is a fresh white and cornflower blue pattern. On a simpler note is another new camouflage mask, still a firm favourite with men and women alike.

We have been thrilled with the popularity of all our mask collection which has been selling out as quickly as we can get them back in stock. As ever we are working hard to try and keep up with demand to avoid disappointment but as you will understand, these are challenging times in many respects. Please do check the website regularly for new stock coming in!

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Face masks – FFP2 and pretty cotton washable masks

Face masks are now available to buy from our Joe Cool online shop. Buy a box of 50 disposable masks, useful to carry a few with you at all times! Of course it is also good to have some handy for friends or family who are ‘caught short’. If you treat these masks with care, they will last for several uses. A handy tip is to treat your masks like underwear; do not touch or adjust ( especially in public ), do not borrow or lend, make sure its clean ( daily or as needed ), wear the right side out, if there are holes in it, its stained or damp – throw out!

|We also have a small collection of attractive washable cotton face masks. Choose classic plain colours in a choice of navy blue, burgundy and black or go for something a bit more eye-catching. There are ‘kawai’ styled indigo on linen in a Japanese circles pattern or rope design. Pretty gilded kimono prints are available in fuchsia pink, vibrant turquoise or bright red. ‘Kimono patchwork’ is a classic combination of geometric and floral imagery making a striking and unusual face mask.

Look out for lots of other exciting designs, some already in stock! From polka dots to camouflage, monotone to psychedelic, you’ll find a mask for every possible occasion. This season’s ‘must have’ accessory to help protect you and others around you doesn’t need to be boring! Stay safe from all of us here at Joe Cool.

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Valentines – treat someone special

Valentines - treat someone special

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Why not make a small gesture to the one you love, or even treat yourself, from our featured selection below. Our new lines include elegant wire forms and colourful enamel heart studs. These pair nicely with our bold motif heart socks. A pop of colour to brighten your Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are another firm favourite to show your love. We love the detail in our hand carved Mother of Pearl studs which gently catch the light. As we all know, the red rose is the favourite flower of Venus, the goddess of love. We have several featured items with roses. These include a funky iron on patch set, Sterling silver drops & a hairband with delicate fabric rose petals.

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New gloves & mittens – Winter warmers with style.

New glove lines have arrived! Take a look at our latest styles, including brand new children’s sizes. Colourful snowflake designs come in infant and junior sizes, and are stretchy enough to cover all younger age groups. Your little ones will love the cute reindeer mitts which have a useful mitten string to avoid losses! A range of eight colourways with a cosy fur cuff are available, there is a glove to keep all little girls and boys happy and warm.

We have new glove lines for adults too. These include a classic Scandi deer design in soft pink, fuchsia, beige, grey, black and navy. All have stylish contrasting colour patterns on thumb and fingertip to accentuate their touch-screen usability. The latest flower detail glove comes in six subtle colourways giving a distinctly vintage feel to a modern makeover! Further new glove lines come as a friendly bear-face cuff and a new finger puppet style following the success of last years styles on a similar theme.

In addition to these great new glove lines, we are running again with several of last year’s very successful styles. You can be both warm and stylish! In the Millinery collection you will find the fabulous bunny pompom touch-screen glove; a quirky design where a bunny is merely suggested with ears and pompom ‘tail’. Petit polka and frill with pompom are two favourites for all. Button detailing is always elegant and our ‘button detail flower’ is no exception to the rule. Like the other new classics, you can choose from a range of six gorgeous colours with contrasting embellishment.

The peeping bear glove remains a popular choice. Our adult mitten glove with its faux fur cuffs, tiny pearls, and the ever essential mitten string, is a must have.

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Ankle socks – new lines to explore

The latest designs of Joe Cool fashion ankle socks are now in stock. As always there is a wonderful selection to delight, surprise and please you. Choose from the lovely selection of creatures tastefully decorating some quite sensible socks. Parrots, rabbits, elephants, llamas and goldfish are but a few of the new sock designs now available.

Tasty treats – On the ‘edible’ side we have burgers, sausage and bacon, chocolate chip cookie and beer – ok, we’re not promoting health foods but perhaps this is the healthiest way to consume your junk food!

New ‘masterpiece’ socks include more from everyone’s favourite artist, Van Gogh and we added a couple of of Renoirs for good measure! These build on our interesting art inspired collection. Artists include wonderful Renaissance painters, Botticelli and Leonardo. We have French Impressionists and Expressionist galore! Matisse and Monet complete for attention with Manet and Van Gogh. There are so many more Masterpiece ankle socks, check out our socks collection to see the full range and availability.

On the up are ‘no-show’ socks, also know as ‘fake socks’. We have a wonderful new selection of ‘masterpiece’ no-shows to boost your collection of artwork inspired footwear.