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Halloween! Bewitching styles to enchant and charm

Halloween is days away, you know the words – Hubble, bubble, toil…but no trouble! Joe Shop is the perfect place to load up on some darkly cool jewellery and accessories. Check out our bewitching designs for a weird and wonderful Halloween weekend. Choose from a magical selection ranging from dreamy crystals and glimmering natural rock rings to goth-chic and e-girl classics. Glam mystique styles will cast their spell and entrance wearer and beholder alike. For the stylish ‘witch-in-waiting’ we have a feast of tricks and treats with skulls, chains and galaxy pendants to enchant! Crystal, star-stone, moon-glass and ice rock provides mineral magic for all time.

Rock and roll mineral rings will have you rolling in the compliments, not turning in the grave. Halloween has never been so chic with agate nuggets, Luna minerals, moody obsidian and even quartz bottles in which to keep those ‘magic potions’. Get spooky, get sparkly, get stylish – you’ll look scarily good! Glam up and Goth up and watch the magic happen.