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Bring us good luck cat!

Most people would agree 2020 has been an unusual year. Whatever the weather the Joe Cool online shop gang have lots on offer to keep your spirits shining. We would like to introduce to you JOE’s lucky jewellery cat. He brings us good luck in hard times and loves bling chunky chains, which is lucky in itself as chains are in fashion! Maneki-neko’s (beckoning cat) are from Japan and very common throughout the East, our gleaming gold cat sits perfectly with our broad range of shiny chains.

With our large selection you can chain-up with multiple link styles. Whether your favourite singer is Billie Eilish, or if you want to look like Mr. T, we have the links to make the look. With these chains, we have the easy way to make a ‘heavy-metal’ statement or look the part for your hip-hop crew. You can really get your shine on and get a polished look. Look like a champagne drinking millionaire on a lemonade budget with any of our eye catching chains!

Our quirky zipper earrings can make the perfect addition to a chain heavy look also. It is very rare you can get something so stand out with an alternative edge like the zipper range!

And don’t forget you can get any of our large and colourful range of socks also. He have a variety of Japanese themed styles such as the Hokusai wave and beuatiful Koi-carp with water Lillies.