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Bee happy! Creating a buzz with bee accessories.

Bee happy! Who doesn’t love this glorious winged insect? Globally important as pollinators and renowned for providing humanity with honey for millennia, the honey bee is a true wonder of the world. We celebrate this great creature in our collection of bee accessories. Within the category ‘Flora and Fauna’ we have necklaces, rings, drop and stud earrings and brooches to get you buzzing! Our yellow and black striped enamel pendant with its sparkling crystal studded wings has tiny black glass eyes. There is a matching ring and drop earrings which will create a lovely set for the keen fan. You don’t of course need to be a budding Apiarist to appreciate this classic transformation of the worlds favourite insect.

A push-pin brooch comes in gold or silver metal, again with those striking yellow and black stripes and crystal wings. This looks fabulous on jacket or coat lapels, blouses or dresses. Men and women alike will enjoy this wearing this attractive adornment. For something a little more discreet, there is a choice of small stud earrings. From the dainty bee, a tiny stud in gold or silver finish through the classic bumble bee to a quirky ‘cartoon’ character, there is an earring for all tastes.

More variation on a theme is evident in the simple, contemporary looking adjustable ring and in contrast, we have a ring with the addition of a pretty flower. Available in gold finish with bright red and white bloom or silver, lilac and soft yellow, this is pretty interpretation indeed. An ‘unmatched’ earring set of flower and bee completes the hive.

A more subtle take is to be found in the charming honeycomb styles below.

If jewellery doesn’t give you a buzz, why not make a beeline for some bee themed accessories. Enjoy our quirky socks!