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Beautifully British: Jubilee Jewellery

After 70 years of service, Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. Following the death of her father, George VI, she ascended to the throne at the age of 25. She has advised 14 prime ministers, met 13 US presidents, and served as a figurehead as the country has navigated numerous crises in the intervening years. Events will be held throughout the year to commemorate this historic occasion, culminating in a four-day weekend in June. To celebrate Joe Cool has put together a selection of beautifully British fashions for your enjoyment.

Show off your pride with our range of earrings, socks and bracelets decorated in the famed Union Jack. Our capital city is home not only to the Queen but to many other Great British icons. Recognised all around the world, the red double decker bus is a well known symbol of the British capital making Joe Cool’s double decker drop earrings a must have component of any iconic look! London is also home to the worlds most famous clock so fittingly we have a pair of socks and golden stud earrings starring Big Ben. Our charming pair of beefeater earrings are also just as delightful!

Patriotic palettes adorn our collection of signature socks. The faded hues of our embossed floral pairs offer a variation on the classic red, white and blue colour story. A nostalgic daisy motif and jumbo heart print are a more playful approach to patriotic socks whilst our London bus or Frida Kahlo pairs are .

Red, white and blue themed accessories abound. A Bowie-esque thunderbolt ring is beautifully British whilst our glass millefiori necklace and bracelet duo is too good to miss. Our resin square ring is the ultimate statement piece especially when paired with our alluring acrylic earrings in bold square and circle styles. Mottle cellulose hoops and stud discs are equally gorgeous.

Sensational scarfs in show-stopping prints will complete any Jubilee outfit!

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Gifts Galore! Mothers Day 2022

It goes without saying that we should honour our mothers on a daily basis. To go the extra mile, pay homage this Mother’s Day with a thoughtful gift or two. Regardless of how many times she claims to be “happy with anything,” Mother’s deserve something more significant than a bog-standard box of chocolates, and here at Joe Cool we are anything but bog-standard! Whether she loves , dynamic prints or distinctive jewellery, we’ll help you find a present as wonderful as she is. Browse our carefully curated range of exquisite Joe Cool jewellery and accessories to find a unique gift that she’ll adore.

Fashion is a natural choice for Mother’s Day gifts, and with their one-size-fits-all allure, Joe Cool scarves are a guaranteed people-pleaser! Our tropical flamingo scarf is perfect for anticipating the approaching warmer months. An illustrative pink scarf depicting a safari scene is similarly scorching hot. Floral scarfs in the perfect spring prints include a terracotta number printed in lustrous dandelions, a kerchief decorated in botanical butterflies and a pretty patchwork piece. Our rich red and duck egg cherry-blossom designs are blooming with personality.

Decadent jewellery sets in tasteful multi-coloured hues will brighten up anyone’s’ day! The Cirque Du Temps collection is made with beautiful ceramic beads. Our ‘Tea Garden’ range – blue and white ceramic bead necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the style of delftware is equally arresting. Our rainbow nugget set and graduated string of discs fashioned from mother of pearl are ravishingly radiant and carved rose earrings are simply stunning.

Gorgeous acrylic animal shaped brooches are delightfully bold, decorated in a painterly design that makes them the ultimate statement piece for any animal lover. Likewise, our pressed flower brooches framed in gold are pocket-sized luxuries.

A useful item for any handbag, compact mirrors are perhaps the most utilitarian and stylish gift you can give this Mothers Day. Some Joe Cool favourites include dainty delft, marvelous mexicana and fabulous flamingo parade.

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Statement Socks: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Since their inception in Ancient Egypt, socks have spent the best part of two millennia on a turbulent journey to ultimately land at the bottom of, and likely lose their other half in, your washing machine. An often overlooked but no less integral part of any outfit, socks are perhaps the easiest way to elevate an otherwise underwhelming look. Joe Cool’s Statement Socks offer an excellent opportunity for you to express your personality in a way that can be simultaneously understated and flashy, after-all, socks pack a surprisingly big punch, when considered on their own stylistic merit.

Its all about texture with our flora and fauna sock lines. Our sheer collection is adorned in tropical embroidery that is eclectic yet impossibly chic. Embossed floral finishes distinguish themselves from the traditional ribbed and knitted textures, introducing a new textural element to jazz up your footwear. Darling depictions of an enchanting forest & a woodland scene can be found on several of Joe Cool’s statement socks, naturally exuding an idyllic essence.

Arty ankles will adore our flowery Frida or perfectly pastiche pair of Warhol inspired socks. Make the ultimate statement in our hot lips print, sure to keep your name in everyone’s mouth! For dog lovers: A dapper dachshund duo in tiffany blue or a plucky chocolate pair patterned in pug. Geometric prints offer a strikingly sophisticated take on statement sock dressing whilst graphic cow print and fabulous flocks of sheep will result in head-turning hooves. Foodie favourites include our classic wasabi green pair decorated in a sushi motif, the gorgeously gaudy banana print and our fried egg pair, ideal for the eggcentrics of the world.

Statement socks are an easy and inexpensive indulgence that can instantly add character to your wardrobe. As with everything Joe Cool – these socks were made to be seen and our ostentatious offerings leave no excuse for a sub-par sock game. So, what are you waiting for? Pick yours up before they’re all gone!

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A Mad Tea-Party: Tarts, Toadstools & Tea-Cups

A mad tea-party

A story coveted by many, Alice and her adventures in Wonderland have enjoyed a myriad of adaptations in the worlds of art, film, photography, performance and fashion. Transcending the pages of Lewis Carroll’s original 1865 novel, Alice and her cohort of crazed cronies have become visual icons – imprinted in the minds of an audience spanning generations. With Joe Cool’s flair for the fantastical, it comes as no surprise that we have everything from tarts, toadstools & tea-cups fitting for a totally bonkers garden tea-party. Our zany accessories might have you looking just a little bit mad, but in the wise words of Alice herself: “All the best people are”.

Take a trip down the rabbit hole of Joe Cool’s accessory Wonderland. A selection of Alice-approved stud earrings include a mismatched hat and card, a cup and teapot, a pair of white rabbits and a duo of toadstools. Our playfully quaint acrylic bangle and pendant chain will steal your heart whilst an eccentric miniature leopard print hat will leave you questioning your sanity. Wonderland socks come in an endearing Mary-Jane style or depicting a humorous hookah induced scene. Be a sanguine queen in our rose adorned alice-band and much to the guard’s delight, our roses don’t need to be painted!

Unmatched in its charm and delicacy, dress the table with our ‘Tea Garden’ range – blue and white ceramic bead necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the style of delftware – or ‘Country Garden’, also in ceramic bead, this time patterned in pink English rose. Even more delightful is the cup and saucer drop earrings. Only the teapot remains!

Indulge in some sweet treats from our Cafe Cool collection, the most appetising addition to any mad tea party. Cream tart and cake slice resin brooches are dainty delights, most delicious when served with iced doughnut and liqourice allsort drop earrings. Tasty enough to make your mouth-water! A smartie necklace looks good enough to eat whilst our strawberry cake slice and macaron key-rings are the creme de la creme. To top it all off our cherry barrette is…well… the cherry on top! Kitschy, kooky and camp, Joe Cool’s accessories will always leave you grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

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Sea-glass, shells, sand and shingle surprises

Sea-glass, shell, sand and shingle provide fertile ground for beautiful jewellery and accessory design. That wonderful softened blue green glass that all of us have found or collected from the sea-shore is now here to wear. Sea-glass necklaces and bracelets come in a choice of two gorgeous colour shades – deep sea blue and seashore in paler green and white hues. A trio of bracelet, necklace and drop earring has the addition of half cowrie dropping beads which sets off the pretty blue/green sea-glass. Cowrie shells, once used for trading in exotic Pacific Islands and the ‘South Seas’, though no longer currency, are still quite irresistible. The natural curves and creamy shine of a cowrie make a perfect bead. Check out the cowrie seashore necklace in natural or black and our sweet shell flower ring in a choice of three attractive tones. These are the perfect compliment to sea-glass items.

More coastal inspired jewellery is to be found in treasures such as our genuine shell stud earrings. Wear a little piece of nature to remind you of lazy sea-fringed beach lounging and sea-side foraging. The beach scene pendant captures a little bit of realism with fantasy golden sand in a glass dome suspended on adjustable chain necklace . Full of movement it is a truly ambient accessory. In a slight shift from the shingle, shiny crustacean brooches bring a bit of bling to the sea-shore theme. A silver lobster is alive with sequins, crystals and bugle beads and who knew a crab could look so beautiful with warm orange and silver seed beads and beady black bead eyes!

Finally, the quintessential and most timeless gift to jewellery from the ocean is surely the pearl. Where would the world of jewellery be without this most popular of gems. The single pearl stud earring is a classic and no jewellery box is really complete without it. Here at Joe Cool we can offer you various sizes and pearl shades. Check out the website for a range of pearls from jumbo sized fakes to delicate natural pearls with much more in between!

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Touch screen gloves – the best adult and kids styles

Touch screen gloves are coming into stock with a fantastic new collection of fun finger-puppet features and cute animal cuffs! Fabulously fluffy and soft, this new range will keep your fingers toasty all the time. Importantly, there’s no need to take them off when making that vital call or surfing your media. Bunnies, cats and bears are simply irresistible – the beady eyed bear and kitty cuff glove will warm not only your fingers, but your heart too, while fluffy bunny with its cheeky ears is guaranteed to make you smile! All come in a choice of beautiful soft lilacs, pinks, blues and greys – with pretty contrasting fingertips and faux angora detail…touch-screen gloves that manage to be both cute and cool.

Adorable ‘Fuzzy finger puppet’ will make you feel fuzzy inside with the friendliest middle finger ever – a striped chap with crazy eyes and ears that will provide endless entertainment! ‘Woodland puppet’ featuring sweet rabbit and bear characters, come in the softest of knits – one of our favourites. The very latest addition to the collection however, will really make you ‘paws’ for thought; neither glove nor mitten, our fingerless ‘bear paw’ is a wonder – a furry hand-warmer in a choice of three animal shades complete with velvety pink or grey pads… fast becoming a best seller and yes, it could also be called a touch-screen glove!

There are plenty of super styles for children with lots of animals, colour, stripes and snowflakes. For 4 – 8 year old kids, ‘bobble rudolph’ is a popular option, a fur cuffed mitten with a cheery reindeer complete with bobble nose to make tiny hands very happy. Scandi deer for age 0-3, is popular with boys and girls in a choice of grey, black and bright pink. Who can resist a pretty pussy cat? Choose the ‘meow’ glove, with embroidered cat face detail or ‘kitty mitten’, a charming mitt in a choice of four colours, with the cutest pussy cat face and ears.

‘Bobble finger’ is a friendly glove for 3 – 8 years olds, with its bobble hatted fourth finger guaranteeing hours of distraction. In pale and bright pink, blue, red and black, there’s a choice for all the younger members of the family! Bright stripes offer an alternative to the various creature comforters. A nice selection, some featuring snowflakes, is available from infant to junior.

For those who like a bit of a vintage feel, touch-screen gloves with a flower detail cuff and delightful floral sprigged gloves make the perfect offering. Those lovely ‘vintagey’ muted hues of lilac, smoky blue/grey and dusty pink are on show again with contrasting fingertips, edging and cuff. Scandi deer is a classic and we have a wonderful pearl embellished mitten with faux fur cuff – choose from seven fabulous colourways.

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Bee happy! Creating a buzz with bee accessories.

Bee happy! Who doesn’t love this glorious winged insect? Globally important as pollinators and renowned for providing humanity with honey for millennia, the honey bee is a true wonder of the world. We celebrate this great creature in our collection of bee accessories. Within the category ‘Flora and Fauna’ we have necklaces, rings, drop and stud earrings and brooches to get you buzzing! Our yellow and black striped enamel pendant with its sparkling crystal studded wings has tiny black glass eyes. There is a matching ring and drop earrings which will create a lovely set for the keen fan. You don’t of course need to be a budding Apiarist to appreciate this classic transformation of the worlds favourite insect.

A push-pin brooch comes in gold or silver metal, again with those striking yellow and black stripes and crystal wings. This looks fabulous on jacket or coat lapels, blouses or dresses. Men and women alike will enjoy this wearing this attractive adornment. For something a little more discreet, there is a choice of small stud earrings. From the dainty bee, a tiny stud in gold or silver finish through the classic bumble bee to a quirky ‘cartoon’ character, there is an earring for all tastes.

More variation on a theme is evident in the simple, contemporary looking adjustable ring and in contrast, we have a ring with the addition of a pretty flower. Available in gold finish with bright red and white bloom or silver, lilac and soft yellow, this is pretty interpretation indeed. An ‘unmatched’ earring set of flower and bee completes the hive.

A more subtle take is to be found in the charming honeycomb styles below.

If jewellery doesn’t give you a buzz, why not make a beeline for some bee themed accessories. Enjoy our quirky socks!

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Blue and white accessories & jewellery

Blue and white accessories & jewellery

Classic China cotton-flower design and hand-painted Delft style beads are reminiscent of bygone days. Memories of balmy afternoons sipping tea from bone china cups are evoked with these ceramic bead delights which feature in the Gallery collection. In the Tea Garden selection are blue and white single and double drop earrings, with a choice of matching bracelets and necklaces. Taking the tea reference quite literally, are the charming little rose sprigged cup and saucer drops. They will most definitely raise a smile. We have our popular blue and white compact mirror in four beautiful floral designs. This will make a great addition to your blue and white accessories range.

We have more refreshing blue and white accessories below. Key items for your collection. Stripes and spots in denim and sky hues feature on an exciting range of hair-wear. Find wired ribbon head wraps, bow barrettes, cotton scrunchies and mini hair-clips in wonderful true blues. Sit them alongside our pretty glass rings, gingham & check patterns, for a real retro summer feel .

For a more sumptuous look keep your eye out for richly stitched blue and white accessories, which extend to our range of exotic flower embroidered bags, purses and wallets.

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Valentines – treat someone special

Valentines - treat someone special

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Why not make a small gesture to the one you love, or even treat yourself, from our featured selection below. Our new lines include elegant wire forms and colourful enamel heart studs. These pair nicely with our bold motif heart socks. A pop of colour to brighten your Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are another firm favourite to show your love. We love the detail in our hand carved Mother of Pearl studs which gently catch the light. As we all know, the red rose is the favourite flower of Venus, the goddess of love. We have several featured items with roses. These include a funky iron on patch set, Sterling silver drops & a hairband with delicate fabric rose petals.

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Leaves and trees – Autumnal fashion

Leaves and trees provide wonderful inspiration for fashion jewellery and accessories. The time has come when the trees start shedding their leaves but lets not be downhearted. Our gold and silver effect leaves will bring pleasure all year round. A ‘realistic leaf’ drop earring comes as an assortment of three designs in matt silver and gold. The ‘delicate leaf’ earring is available in a pack of three metal finishes – shiny rose gold, silver or gun metal. This fine earring mimics the delicate skeleton a fallen leaf. We also supply a pretty matching pendant. See these lovely leaves in the Flora and Fauna collection.

In the same collection more plant life is to be found in the acorn and leaf ring and stud earrings. A charming enamelled oak leaf and rich ruby crystal acorn make the basis of this unusual design. The bird ring in both gold and silver is another delicate piece whose shank is created in the form of a twig or thin branch.

Leaves and trees are a strong component of several other wonderful jewellery items, such as the ‘Tree of life’ range. We have the full compliment of pendants, drop and stud earrings, compact mirror and even a tree of life adorned pillbox. Glass domes or spheres magnify the rich colours of this popular design.

In the Gallery collection one of our favourite items is the ‘shadow print tree’ scarf. The fragile sculptural outlines of skeletal winter trees are silhouetted against pale blue, pink, brown and grey tones. Find a more contemporary approach to plant imagery in the stitched graphic coin purse – leaves and trees in modern formation.

More leaves and trees appear, surprisingly, in the Black Star collection. See the striking ‘Y’ crystal and black mesh leaf and flower necklace. The wooden leaf drop and stud earrings are from the Scene collection, using light weight natural materials in the main element of the earring.