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Vintage floral – romantic flower accessories

Vintage floral jewellery and accessories have a nostalgic vibe as we move into the Autumn months of the year. Check out our beautiful handmade brooches, rings and earrings. Real flowers are pressed then carefully encased in an epoxy clear resin with tiny beads and sparkles. These romantic accessories draw on ideas dating from an earlier era. Classic Viola, and other traditional delicate sprigs hark back to Victorian and even Elizabethan times whilst remaining utterly timeless.

The same technique is used to produce gorgeous ‘vintage floral’ cat brooches. Walking cat,sitting cat,stretching cat and playful cat are a delightful little collection for you to choose from, again with delicate, pretty blossom encased in clear resin. All are handmade making each brooch absolutely unique.

One of the hottest accessories around right now is ( yes, you’ve guessed it!) the face mask. We have an ever growing selection of washable masks to team with your fashion outfits. One of the latest new introductions is the lovely vintage floral mask featured. This mask like all our range is made from 100% cotton and lined in fine white. The design of Roses, Peonies and Hydrangea on a black background has a classic vintage floral feel. With matching black adjustable elastics it is a classy choice for everyday or special occasion. other new vintage floral designs include the pretty soft yellow ‘soft blossom’. Pink and lilac sprigs of apple blossom against a gentle yellow with lilac elastic makes for the most charming of floral designs. A second blossom option is set on a deep blue ground making a lovely contrast.

More fabulous flowers can be found throughout the mask collection. A strong Japanese theme is evident in ‘Kimono patch’, now available in three beautiful colour choices. There is also ‘gilded kimono print’, a pretty floral option in a range of colour options and also, ‘Indigo Japanese knot’ and ‘discs’, and ‘waves’- popular choices for men and women alike. So if you want floral, or Japanese nature themes then look no further.